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Philly Filmmaker Just Won 16 Film Festival Awards

Director, Writter, Sound Score, and Producer JERMAINE QUICK

PHOTO: Rufus Dorsey - LA Screen Actor / Jermaine Quick - Award Winning filmmaker

When you are the first to do something in your niche. There are no red carpet celebrations for you. There are no reporters knocking at your door to interview you. There are no banks lined up to give you capital. All you have is a product and your beliefs that it will succeed.

Jermaine Quick is a humble self-made entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Jermaine has been producing films for 12 years in Philadelphia. Beyond the Covid drought, it has always been hard for independent filmmakers to get Nationally noticed without the proper connections. Thus, during the social media rise, information became more abroad. Film Freeway, which is a super highway for film festivals regionally, and internationally, became the site to apply for prestigious film festivals across the world. Jermaine began to submit his films in 2017 with his first installation and 4th film, "American Bully". Locally it received a Philadelphia Independent Film Festival Award, was premiered on the Fox 29 local news with retired renowned journalist Joyce Evans ( ), and was given a City Citation from State Rep. Curtis Jones Jr. for its efforts to reach the community with its message about bullying.

Heartless is Jermaine's 5th film, and it artistically communicated the despair of "mental illness". Heartless received the LA Motion Picture film festival award for Best Feature Film, and the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival Award for Best Local Film through FILM FREEWAY.

Henceforth, which brings us to today. Jermaine's latest film "SUGAR" which casted 28 unknown actors; some first time actors, has just won 18 US and International Film Festival Awards. Sugar artistically deals with the issue of domestic violence through a woman super hero narrative. It was also highlighted on the Channel 10 NBC News ( ) by Journalist Deanna Durante. A very unique and impactful film empowering women to take back what's been taken from them. Sugar is in 39 more film festivals and is the first Urban Independent Film in Philadelphia to receive this many awards to date.

What is Black Excellence if we can't celebrate Independent success? When a filmmaker uses his art to empower, and educate people to raise awareness and bring consciousness to the numb, then it should be celebrated. Therefore, when you see this brother online, don't wait to hit the like button, don't scroll without following, and don't pass without sharing. SUGAR is Oscar bound, and with your support we will empower women and men across the world to step up and be hero's.

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WEBSITE: illadelstyles

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