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Full Circle: Major Figgas Show The Cream Shall Rise Always

EDITOR: EQ Philly - illadelstyles Entertainment


This is a triumphant picture. This was taken at Walo's birthday party. A lot of newbies don't understand the importance of this photo. Uptown Philadelphia has always had an ear to the street when it comes to talent. Way before Covid 19, Major Figgas had a street buzz like no other. If you want to know more about their personal life then you have to keep searching. This blog is to arouse the dry bones for those who don't know where Gillie comes from well I have been recording him and his colleges throughout the years and I can tell you that this pic is a breath of fresh air. Let me give you some brief history on the group.

Major Figgas was founded in the Erie Ave area of Philadelphia by Gillie da Kid, Wallo, and Abliva, who were friends from the neighborhood.[1] They knew Bump J, Dutch and Ressy Rolx from all living in the same area, and eventually expanded after inducting Spade and Bianca. Chops, Rucie, El Dinero and Dirty Rik all soon came aboard…

After releasing several underground tapes, they released the full-length Figgas 4 Life independently which landed them a deal with RuffNation Records/Warner Bros. Records. Founding member Wallo could not participate in the album as he was sentenced to a 20-year prison sentence prior to the recording (Wallo was released in 2017). An expanded edition of the album was issued in 2000, which reached number 115 on the U.S.Billboard 200 and number 29 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.[2] Their lone major radio hit was "Yeah That's Us", which reached number 2 on the Rap Singles chart and number 34 on the R&B Singles chart.[3]

Sometime after the release of their single "Yeah That's Us" and their only album, they left RuffNation and caught the attention of Birdman, who signed them to Cash Money Records/Universal Records. In the progress of working on their next project, member Spade-O was jailed in 2002/2003 for the murder of the cousin of Young Chris, member of the duo Young Gunz and a part of State Property, who was embroiled in a beef with Major Figgas. Soon after, they disbanded.

Fast forward to today. Gillie and Walo have a new podcast called "Million Dollars Worth Of Game". It is a major social wave on the internet and it keeps the group name relevant even though they may not perform together.

"(Sidenote)" Imagine if the did a epk right now. It would sell and it would show inspiring musicians that sometimes you might miss the first wave, but when the second wave comes, with hard work, you will be in position to ride it all the way. This picture means a lot to Philly Hip Hop culture.

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