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Funny For Real; Spank Horton

Photo Credit: IMBD.COM

Philadelphia Native Will "Spank" Horton is a Legendary Comedian with whom I have had the pleasure of working with while he was coming up in the Industry. Around 2009, I had a chance to network with Spank while filming events. He wanted me to film one of his comedy shows, so that he could put it on DVD for purchase. In the process of me doing that for him, Spank blessed me by making a guest appearance in my low budget film "RISE LIKE CREAM".

Cover Art: Jermaine Quick for illadelstyles Entertainment LLC

As an Award winning filmmaker, I would be cheating myself of the pleasure to say that I recorded some of the best in the industry. To see their rise has been impactful to my journey. That is why I wanted to take the time and celebrate from time to time, people who deserve their flowers now while they can smell them. Thank you brother Will "Spank" Horton for making our community and abroad a place to have convivial conversation and laughter.

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